Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe – Making an Elegant Cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake recipe

Strawberry cheesecake is an old favorite for dessert that many people have come to love. It is one of the more enjoyable cakes to bake which is also really simple to make. There are several different types of strawberries cheesecake available but the great thing about this particular version is that there is almost no preparation work involved. The cake batter can be prepared easily and then cooked in the oven with only a few basic ingredients.

Use Fresh Strawberries For The Making

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A good strawberry cheesecake recipe will use fresh strawberries. If possible, it is a good idea to use tart strawberries instead of picking runny ones. These will give the cake a better flavor and will result in a lighter batter. Many recipes include cream cheese but you can substitute with other fine cheese like goat cheese or low fat sour cream. You will also find that baking time is shorter with this rather than using cream cheese.

It is also important to realize that this delicious dessert will taste best if it is baked at room temperature. When it is baked, it will create a pleasant and soft texture. When using frozen strawberries, it is not a bad idea to thaw them a bit before baking to enhance the flavors of the homemade strawberry sauce. This delicious dessert will taste even better when served with fresh strawberries and homemade strawberry sauce.

Ingredients Tend To Curdle If Heated

A piece of cake on a plate

One must take care when making strawberry cheesecake recipes because the ingredients will tend to curdle if heated too much. When this happens, the cake will collapse so take care not to let it overcook or it could result in ruined cake. If this happens, the rest of the recipe may not turn out correctly. A properly prepared strawberry cheesecake recipe will consist of graham cracker crust, filling, and cream cheese.

The first thing one must do before making a strawberry cheesecake recipe is to prepare all the necessary ingredients. These ingredients include graham cracker crust, the strawberry cheesecake filling, and the cream cheese. The cracker crust can be prepared by using a graham cracker mesh and then baking the crust in the oven. After baking the crust, it can be inverted and the filling can be poured into the cracked bottom part of the cake. Once all of the filling is inside, the cake can be placed in the preheated oven and cooked according to the cake recipe.

Prepare All The Necessary Ingredients

For the strawberry topping, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary ingredients. The basic ingredients required for this recipe include cream cheese, sugar, springform pan, strawberries, and lemon. The cream cheese can be softened by melting it inside the springform pan. After the cream cheese has melted completely, it can be blended. Next, the strawberry topping can be added to the cream cheese. This can be done by mixing the strawberry topping with the rest of the ingredients inside the springform pan.

Last Words

The sugar mixture that is needed to make the strawberry topping can be prepared by using half cup of cream cheese and half cup of sugar. After preparing the sugar mixture, it should be melted in the microwave. Once the cream cheese and sugar mixture is melted, it should be cooled and then combined with the eggs. Mix all the ingredients together and pour them into a greased springform pan.

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