German Chocolate Cake Recipe – How To Prepare The Best

german chocolate cake recipe

As one knows that eating chocolate cake helps one to reduce cholesterol levels. Which is needed for having a good and healthy heart. In the list of best chocolate cakes, one is the famous German chocolate cake. Where is famous for the rich, layered chocolate cake filled and the filling of the coconut flakes. Which can be a great option for one to eat during any function or give a treat to a guest. Therefore, here is German Chocolate Cake Recipe from the help of it one can easily prepare it by following some step that is mentioned below.

German Chocolate Cake Recipe – Ingredients Needed

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For making German chocolate cake, here are some common and main ingredients that one needs, which are chocolate, cream, coconut, butter, pecan, egg, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, buttermilk, evaporated milk, baking powder, vanilla extract, unsalted butter, and desiccated coconut.

German Chocolate Cake Recipe – Preparation Time

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Eating dark chocolates can lower blood pressure due to the bioactive compound in cocoa. This amazing German chocolate cake is an easy and simple recipe that can be prepared in just sixty to ninety minutes. It’s required no real-time culinary skills.

German Chocolate Cake Recipe – Steps To Follow

The step one needs to follow for making tasty German chocolate cake are as follows.

In the first step, one needs to combine dry ingredients such as sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Then combine wet ingredients which are eggs, buttermilk, oil, and vanilla. And then mix them and stir them in boiling water.

Next, keep a butter paper on the bottom of the pan and then pour the batter into an eight or nine-inch baking pan at 375°F.

In the next step, make the chocolate frosting by melting butter, stir cocoa powder, and then slowly one can add powdered sugar and milk into it. After some minutes add some amount of additional milk. And stirring it until one reaches its desired consistency.

And in the last step, keep one piece of cake round on the serving plate and then apply a thin layer of chocolate into it. And after applying chocolate, go for the coconut frosting by adding one spoon to it. In the same procedure, the same thing is to stack the cake layers as one wants the cake. In the last add smooth chocolate frosting over the entire cake and spoon remaining coconut frosting on the top of the cake. And it’s ready.


Low-calorie dark chocolates have a lesser percentage of carbohydrates sugar. Dark chocolates are loaded with nutrients and one of the best sources of antioxidants. They are sugar-free and unsweetened with no maltitol and gluten. To get a taste of German chocolate cake at home one can be made in the simple step which is mentioned above. After one’s came is ready, one has two options : one can eat it directly at that time or one can freeze it from which it allows the layer to cool, from which one can eat cake anytime in three months. 

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