Easy Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipes

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If you are looking for a fun, quick dessert, you should consider trying an easy chocolate eclair cake. It is an old-fashioned classic sheet cake that also takes no baking and resembles a giant, dark chocolate eclair. Usually made for several generations, it usually uses graham cracker crumbs, pudding mix, whipped cream, and your favorite dark chocolate frosting. It’s delicious!

Ingredients of Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipes

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The main key to the success of this dessert is its easy chocolate eclair cake flavor. The secret ingredients are French vanilla pudding mix and very thinned-down chocolate syrup. The recipe always calls for both dark and light brown sugar. You may choose to make a simple recipe that calls for only one ingredient or one which calls for both.

Chocolate Eclair Cake Baking Style

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The way to make an easy chocolate eclair cake is to bake a regular sheet cake. You can bake this type of cake in various sizes but the trick is to bake it until it is done. This allows the cake to cool completely and form very firm layers which give the whole thing a very nice appearance.

You can add just about anything to this no-bake easy chocolate eclair cake recipe to make it more appealing. Most recipes will require you to bake the cake in pans that have fairly lower temperatures than you might like. These types of pans are not necessarily hard to find and are readily available at your local grocery store or even online. Simply ensure you do not cook the dessert until it is completed or you will burn everything. Once cooled completely, you can transfer it to a cooling rack and allow it to finish cooling.

To make this particular cake simply, you’ll need to know how to make an easy recipe for the chocolate chips that you’ll be using. Start by pouring melted chocolate into your microwaveable spray bottle. Next, place the chocolate into the preheated oven and turn the knob to medium-high. Allow the chocolate to melt completely before you add it to the batter. This will ensure that your chocolate chips are properly prepared. 

You will next want to gather the wet ingredients needed for your chocolate eclair cake. These include sugar, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, and milk. All of these items should be combined inside of your mixer. Once this is combined, you can then pour this mixture over the dry ingredients just as you would with any other recipe. Once this is done, you can then fold in the wet ingredients and you’re done.

For the base of this dessert, you will need graham crackers and a scoop to scoop the mixture onto. The next step is to mix the warm milk and the cake mixture until it is a smooth paste. Then, using a wire mesh strainer, fill the graham cracker with the cooled pudding mix and gently strain this mixture through the strainer until you get to the cream. Finally, add in the sugar and cocoa and gently mix these ingredients. Bake for approximately ten minutes and serve with a cool whip.

Chocolate pudding cake, like its counterpart, is a classic dessert that can be enjoyed by all ages. This is an ideal dish to serve to kids celebrating a birthday. It can also be served to a romantic couple celebrating their second anniversary or a special dinner date with someone special. However, you don’t have to celebrate these special occasions with a traditional cake. You can enjoy this delicious dessert with these quick and easy recipes anytime you want to.

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