Create A Tiny Heat Channel And Help the Marinade to Permeate Deeper And Quicker to Bring Out More Taste!

Preparing meat at home can be a hassle. Time-consuming, labor-intensive, and leaves you spending more than you’d want on all the ingredients. And to end up with a mediocre result. What if there was something better? Something simple? You could work less. Cook quality meat for your family and friends without spending so much money.

Treat yourself to tender, tasty, and perfectly-cooked meat with our superb Stainless Meat Tenderizing Knife Mallet. Far more durable and comfortable than our competitors’ products, this mallet features an attractive matte stainless steel finish, which complements your kitchen décor. It’s also rust and stain-resistant.

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Advantages Of Stainless Meat Tenderizing Knife Mallet

Stainless steel is a better material than wooden mallets to tenderize meat. Wooden mallets tend to splinter, which can be dangerous. They are also cumbersome, awkward & often heavy to carry around during camping trips. The spikes of the grid design surface will pierce meat, press down the fibers, and massage to break down muscle fibers, making it slimy. Then, using the super-hard hammerhead, you can pound it to achieve better results. By doing so, your meat will become incredibly tender like those at restaurants. But that’s not it; here is more to consider.

Reduce The Cooking Time

You spend hundreds of dollars to buy quality meat. But once you are at home, cooking it becomes a pain in the neck. Your sink is too small, so you end up cutting the meat on the kitchen counter, then cook it on the stovetop. Cooking it ideally takes ages, as you have to check its status constantly. With this Tenderizing Knife Mallet, your life will become much easier and more organized! Let it tenderize your meat for about 40% less time than without it.

Make Tough Meats Softer

Eating tough meat can be a struggle. It takes work and leaves you with a sore jaw. Not only is that, but there is the inconvenience of trying to cut the meat while it’s still holding its shape. So you have to put it away and eat later, which is no good when you’re starving. This soft meat tenderizing knife mallet will leave you with soft and tender meat next to no time, making for much easier slicing and dicing.

Safely Built

The trouble with tenderizing meat, chicken, and other food with the old-school method is almost hurt. With repetitive blows to a solid piece of steel, you can end up bruised for days and sometimes injure yourself with the shockwave that travels up the mallet handle into your hands. That’s why you need Stainless Meat Tenderizing Knife Mallet. Tenderizing Knife Mallet is hand-crafted using food-grade stainless steel.            

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Though it has all the features, you could expect from the latest kitchen knife, yet its price may be a concern for a few buyers.


This mallet is designed for pounding down all cuts of meat, big or small, from your chicken breasts to the toughest steaks. Its ergonomic shape enhances comfort and grip, while its flat bottom lets you pound well into cutting boards and countertops. Using it takes much of the stress and strain out of tenderizing – and you get your work finished faster, with fewer mishaps.

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