A sweet creamy Orange Cream Cheesecake

Orange Cream Cheesecake is not your traditional cheesecake or orange-flavored dessert. It’s a sweet, creamy dessert that’s somewhere in between, with only the best of both worlds! Add in some goldfish crackers for “cake” and you have yourself an outta this world recipe!!

Make orange cream cheesecake

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Graham Crackers (crushed) – 1 3/4 sleeves *(around 40 crackers)

We used goldfish crackers because it was easier than crushing graham crackers… plus they are just so cute! We used our food processor to crush them up, but depending on how strong yours is you may be able to get away with using a plastic bag and a rolling pin.

*If you opt for the goldfish crackers, add in some orange zest to make them taste like real oranges!

– Cream Cheese (softened) – 8oz

– Egg (beaten) – 1 large egg

– Sugar – 3/4 cup white sugar + 2 Tbsp of brown sugar

you can do all of these measurements in grams too!! Let us know if you need help converting.

We used the same food processor we used for the graham crackers to beat up our cream cheese & eggs… it’s so magical! We left out the vanilla extract because we found it wasn’t needed since we had such a strong orange flavor from the zested goldfish crackers.

– Orange Juice (fresh squeezed) – 1/2 cup

we used an orange squeezer to juice our oranges but you can also use store-bought orange juice if it’s easier for you! If the oranges are very ripe, no need to strain the pulp out.

– Salt – 1/4 tsp this is totally optional… we just felt like it needed a little saltiness!

The crust for orange cream cheesecake

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Step 1: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F then line a 9-inch “springform” pan with parchment paper on both the bottom and sides of your pan & set it aside.

Step 2: Crush graham crackers in whatever way you so choose.. or buy goldfish crackers!

Step 3: Add orange zest if you wish to the crushed graham crackers & mix them together.

Step 4: Pour your goodies into your pan! Spread it out evenly and make sure everything is flat.

(optional) Step 5: Bake for 10 minutes alone (no filling, just the crust). This will help set it so that when you put in the cream cheese mixture, it won’t sink to the bottom of your cheesecake.

Step 6: Put half of your crust mixture into a bowl & save for later… this is what you’ll be using as “cake” on top of our cheesecake. This way we don’t lose any of our delicious yumminess

The filling orange cream cheesecake

Step 7: Beat together softened cream cheese, egg & sugar. Step 8: Add in your orange juice, salt and mix again.

Step 9: Pour half of your mixture over the crust that’s already baking in the oven. Spread it out evenly and make sure everything is flat.

(What a beauty!!)

Step 10: Bake for 30 minutes or until the center is set.

(optional) Step 11: Once baked, turn off the oven but DO NOT open the door! Let the cake cool inside for an hour… this will help it from sinking to the bottom as well!

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