A Chocolate Cake Recipe From Scratch

chocolate cake recipe from scratch

You see, used to think that purchased boxed cake mix was the only real way you could bake a simple, light chocolate cake at home anymore. Sorry, thought of that. did not know. I did not know then what we know now about making a chocolate cake. I don’t know how many times I have wanted to bake one but I didn’t know where to start or how much time it would take. I just took the next step and started learning.

Did you know that it only takes about three cups of all purpose flour, three eggs plus 2 cups of sugar, to make a basic, no-sugar, moist chocolate cake? Did you also know that it only takes 35 minutes to make this cake tender enough for an angel food cake? You can make this dessert in your steamer, over hot water, in about thirty minutes. The moist ingredients will bubble up while the dry ingredients will stick together.

Moist Cake Batter

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If you are intimidated by the moist cake batter, which is very rich, try substituting with three tablespoons of sour cream instead. This will greatly reduce the wetness without changing the texture or the flavor. The cake will still be rich and moist, but it will not have lumps of dry cake batter. Also, do not be discouraged if after baking your first batch you are not satisfied. The moist batter will react differently with different recipes so give it a few trial runs.

Now Here Is How You Do It

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Start by mixing the dry cake ingredients (flour, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla) until smooth and fluffy. Then, add the wet ingredients (wet sugar, brown sugar, melted butter, yogurt, and milk) and mix until completely combined, about thirty seconds. Next, you will need to mix in the wet mixture, the chocolate buttercream frosting, and the fruit juices (more of the dried fruit if you are using more dark chocolate). Once all of this is well mixed, you can frost the cake and place in the oven. Bake for about one hour and then check to see if the cake is ready.

Keep In Oven For Thirty Minutes

When your chocolate cake recipe bakes, it will finish baking in the oven about thirty minutes, and when you check, will be cooked to your desired temperature. The timing can vary depending on the maker you are using. I recommend checking it after ten minutes. Once the timer has gone off, check the temperature with a thermometer. If you bake your cake in the oven, the center should be warm, but if you bake it on the stove, it might be too hot.

You can also add coffee or espresso to your chocolate cake recipes if you like. Most coffee and espresso flavored coffee syrups will be very expensive, but you can buy them in bulk at your local grocery store. In addition, I highly recommend you use instant coffee or instant espresso because it holds up much better than regular coffee.

Make Sure There Are No Errors

After the cake comes out, you will want to check it to make sure that there are no errors. Check for doneness. Once you are sure that it’s done, you can now cut it into clean, even pieces.

Make sure to let the cooling rack set up to where the cake will be completely safe. Let it sit for about an hour, so that it can fully cool.

Wrapping Up

If you follow these simple steps, you will end up with a very yummy chocolate cake recipe. There really is no substitute for the homemade, fresh tasting of a home-made dessert. The only possible downfall here would be if you don’t have the right equipment or ingredients for the recipe. However, with the right ingredients and equipment, you will still be able to have your very own chocolate cupcakes, as long as you use a good mixing method and don’t make an amateur mistake when mixing it by hand.

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